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Why Bobi Craft?

We are a high quality handmade plush producer of baby and toddler clothes, beddings, home decors , focus on quality material selected by our professionals: cashmere, Merino wool, Organic Cotton, Cotton blend and recycled Acrylic, Polyester

Variety of Products & materials

We understand absolute necessity for meeting contractual deadlines, as such with good planning, scheduling, and relationships with logistics and shipping lines we remain timely.

Timely production
& shipment

Our diverse team of staff combine hard work, craft and artistic flair to produce unique competitively priced products. 

Quality Of Workmanship

We are committed to using environmental friendly materials and providing jobs for disadvantaged people.

Fairtrade & Sustainability


Crochet toys

Baby clothing


BobiCraft's crocheted plush toys are safe and 100% handmade. They are a children's best friend in their exploring and learning journey.

Our children clothes are made of organic cotton, non bleach and no dye. Nonirritant, soft and safe for baby's sensitive skin.

BobiCraft's beddings consistent of Silk, Tencel and Cotton to offer the best comfort with elegant and beautiful design.

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Social responsibility & Sustainability


We use materials that are easily recycled and do not cause any harm to the environment, using 100% organic cotton fabrics that are good for users' health and contribute to environmental protection

Social responsibility

BobiCraft Company not only brings economic benefits to partners, but also shares in spirit, together with Bobi Craft in the mission of creating jobs for disadvantaged people around the world

"Bobicraft might be a company unlike any you have come across. Its ingredient for success? All the products, from stuffed animals to baby clothing and accessories, are 100% handmade, with a majority stitched from organic cotton sourced locally in Viet Nam.

But this is not all.

The company grew from 10 employees in 2015 to 400 today, with 98% being women and 20% persons with disabilities, including the visually impaired as well as people who suffered from exposure to Agent Orange."

The joys of Handmade

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By Evelyn Seltier
Associate Public Information Officer, International Trade Centre



Are handmade stuffed animals & organic clothes safe for babies?

BobiCraft's handmade plush toys are produced in line with European EN71 safety standards. Baby and children clothes are made from organic cotton, non bleach, no dye. They are perfectly safe for newborn's sensitive skin. 


What materials are used for baby clothes & handmade plush

BobiCraft's handmade plush toys are crocheted from high-quality yarn including cashmeer, wool, organic cotton, cotton, recycled polyester & acrylic. Baby and children's clothes are made from organic cotton, non bleach, no dye.


How to store and wash handmade plush toys?

It is advisable to wash the handmade stuffed animals by hand. You can also do machine wash but please use a laundry bag. The specific instructions are printed on the label & warranty card.


Does BobiCraft currently have any promotions?

BobiCraft always offers the best price for bulk orders of our handmade plush and organic cotton clothes. Please contact info@bobicraft.com for a quotation.


Where are those handmade plush & organic clothes manufactured?

BobiCraft products are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Vietnam, including the disadvantaged groups. We has factories throughout Vietnam, the largest is in Ho Chi Minh city.


Who make those handmade plush & organic baby dress

One of BobiCraft's mission is to create jobs for women and people with disability. All our plush are stuffed by our amazing vision impaired crafters. We also work with handicapped, lonely elders and minority ethic people.

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The lion was named "Leo" and the foxes name is "Felix". The boys absolutely adore them. My older nephew, Matthew, who is not a very good sleeper and gets up multiple times a night, slept his first full night in his own bed with "Leo" by his side! You can imagine what a blessing that is for my sister in law!

Joanna M.

I love a challenge and I adore your products. As a mother my self, I can really see potential in all of yours Bobi Craft products and i want to be part of the team in developing your business. So I decided to contact you. 

Veronika L.
Czech Republic

I adore your collection and what a wonderful job your team has done. I have been looking for quite some time for something that grandparents, friends and family of new mothers that could be given to their newborns that would be a very special gift. The guardians are what I have been searching for. As a new Grandmother I am proud to give your beautiful creations as a gift of love.



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